The z2z ZEConomy

The z2z ZEConomy

Zcashers, give yourself a pat on the back. Last month there were 11,220 fully shielded Zcash transactions! That is, from a z-address to a z-address.

Z-address balances are not visible on the blockchain. When used as both the sending and receiving address in a transaction, aka fully shielded, both balances are private and the value transfer is private. This offers strong protection against chain-analysis, thieves, stalkers, snoopers, advertisers, or threats we can’t even imagine yet.

Here are 10 places, in no particular order, where you can go fully shielded, today.

1. ZECpages Memo Board

The z-address directory was born February 2020. Anyone can post a public facing z-address and receive payments, tips, and/or memos to that address.
ZECpages also has a message board that uses the Zcash memo field. Each shielded memo posted to the board costs just 0.001 ZEC, or 0.1 ZEC if you want it highlighted.

2. Zcash Sticker

Show your support for Zcash with a high-quality vinyl sticker, 2.5″ in diameter.
Perfect for a laptop, water bottle, skateboard, luggage, guitar, cellphone case, fridge, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, helmet, or anything else you can think of…

3. Human Rights Foundation

Supporting human rights in closed societies can be a vulnerable act. Donors could risk retaliation from the oppressors or corrupt governments. So HRF set up a shielded address for maximum privacy.

4. Njalla Private Domains

Anyone can privately buy a website domain name with Zcash. is easy to navigate, good support, and totally private.

5. TOR Project used to accept z2z donations, but now accepts donations to a t-address.

6. zecretary4u

zecretary4u is a service that provides remote anonymous office support, staff, & consulting

7. Zcash Foundation Grant Tips

ZF Grants has a tipping feature that allows anyone to anonymously support grant proposals.

8. Centre for Applied Extropy

With shielded Zcash, you can support the libertologists and further their research into improving the human condition through life extension, transhumanism, and cosmic colonization.

9. Open Privacy Research Society

Open Privacy is one of the first non-profits to support shielded Zcash donations.
They’re also building Cwtch, a private messaging app.

10. Tails

Tails is a live operating system that you can download onto a USB stick. Use it to turn your computer into a secure machine that bypasses the hard disk. Tails always starts from the same clean slate and ends each session by deleting the memory of everything you did. Unplug the USB stick to return to normal operations.
Truly leave no trace on your computer.

If you want to start using Zcash, it’s getting easier and easier. Zcash is a fair and open money system for all, so anyone can participate. Start by getting a ZECwallet. Mobile wallets for your phone will be available very soon. (Edit: ZECwallet and Nighthawk now have mobile wallets) Then go to to browse the hundreds of stores and non-profits that accept Zcash.

If you’re a merchant or non-profit who wishes to reach new customers, you can join the ZEConomy by getting a ZECwallet and start earning Zcash by accepting to either a transparent t-address, or be like the super-ninjas in this article and accept payments and donations to a z-address!


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