Why Zcash?

Why Zcash?

Imagine a reality tv show with faces blurred, and all are invited. Video cameras are in every room, viewable by anyone in the world for free. Guests with blurred faces believe they are anonymous enough to act freely, which makes for really good television.

The more time goes by, the more links get made, the more identities get revealed. At a certain point, the blurred face thing doesn’t matter so much. The whole thing spirals into a panopticon state. And, everyone’s actions are digitally archived, accessible for free, to the whole world, until the end of time.

How is Zcash different?

Zcash is the best of both worlds. It combines the openness of Bitcoin with the privacy of the legacy system.

Using Zcash is like having a Harry Potter invisibility cloak, with an ability to put it on and take it off, at will. When the world tunes in to the Zcash reality tv show, they will see what Zcashers have consented to let them see. When a Zcasher wants to go home, they put on the cloak and go home. No tracking, no following, no danger. Imagine being empowered with that kind of freedom!

At the end of the day, Zcash is protection. It protects you from danger, inconvenience, crime, stalking, advertisers, big data, being put on lists, and perhaps circumstances we can’t even imagine yet.

If you’d like to be a Zcasher, it’s getting easier and easier! You can start by getting a wallet that uses z-addresses like ZecWallet Lite. Soon, a mobile wallet will be available. (Edit: mobile wallets are available!) Once you get some ZEC currency in your wallet, by earning ZEC, or buying ZEC at a cryptoATM or an online exchange like Gemini, you’re in the game. You can then “Pay With Zcash.” Food, clothing, games, etc. There are hundreds of stores and charities that accept it, with more being added all the time.