森林浴 Shinrinyoku

森林浴 Shinrinyoku

The Japanese have a word, shinrin-yoku, that means ‘forest bathing’. It means going alone deep into the forest for quiet thought and peaceful relaxation. I just call it hiking.

Experiments have shown that forest bathing promotes lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, lower tension, and better sleep. It’s the body harmonizing with nature.

Hiking this Sunday afternoon, I came upon a beautiful Japanese Maple, which reminded me of the Zcash upgrade that will happen in a couple months. I thought about the growth of that tree over the years, from a sprout to a sapling to a blossom to a canopy, and how the Zcash ecosystem has similarly matured, gaining fans and users along the way.

Before Zcash’s sprout upgrade, I could count on my fingers the number of merchants who accepted Zcash for payments. My Macbook Pro would rev its engines at full speed for about a minute just to generate a zero knowledge proof. After the overwinter and sapling upgrades Zcash became leaner and meaner and able to generate proofs within seconds. The latest upgrade, heartwood, makes it possible for miners to receive shielded block rewards, one step closer to a fully shielded (z)ecosystem.

Today, while bathing in the 木漏れ日Komorebi, the warm light filtered through leaves, I thought about how cool it is to have mobile, shielded Zcash, a private Swiss bank in your pocket, available to anyone and everyone. I thought about how cool it is that the Flexa Network makes it possible to spend ZEC at large retailers like Lowes, Dunkin’, and GameStop. And I love to think about what developments lie ahead with the major grants development fund. It’s both harmonizing and exciting at the same time.

The next Zcash network upgrade, Canopy, will activate at block 1046400, which is estimated to be November 18, 2020.


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