Pay Attention

Pay Attention

I recently tried to explain the Basic Attention Token to someone. Just as I was getting to the good part, I lost their attention.

Attention is valuable, especially when there are so many things tugging at it. I know it. You know it. Advertisers know it. Today’s unfriendly economic model of advertising is past due for reform.

Brave Software Inc. (makers of the Brave internet browser) has a solution – to tokenize attention. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an open-source, decentralized, digital token that creates a marketplace among users, publishers, and advertisers.

It sort of works like this:

  • Users get paid BAT from advertisers for using the internet normally with ads turned on (or users can turn ads off, if they wish!)
  • Publishers get tipped BAT from users and don’t need to clutter websites with ads.
  • Advertisers reach amenable users who have opted-in, through uncluttered content, in a system growing in popularity.

Brave, in addition to disrupting the status quo advertising model, is also hyper-focused on privacy. The internet browser uses a “Shields” system to block trackers, block 3rd party cookies, and block phishing/malware. It also has cool settings you can toggle like dark mode, torrent support, and HTTPS everywhere.

Users: You can download the Brave browser on desktop, Android, or iOS and start earning BAT today.

Publishers: If you have your own website, or content on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, or GitHub, you can sign up as a verified Brave content creator to start collecting BAT tips.

Advertisers: If you want to advertise your product or service on Brave, you can launch a Brave ad campaign.