Another Option

Another Option

I often hear parents say to their kids, ‘which one do you want, A or B?‘  Sometimes a clever child will smirk and say, ‘I want C‘  

Whoever controls the options has the power.

A common response to privacy technology is – ‘I have nothing to hide.  I’m not a criminal.  I have no reason to protect my privacy.‘   Congratulations, you just limited your options.  You waded into a puddle and sat down.  That puddle is called the surveillance state.   

But it doesn’t have to be that way.   We don’t have to let companies and governments have unfettered access to everything.   You can retain privacy.   You can keep your options open.   Let the world see what you’re doing.   Or not.   It’s your choice.      

Zcash gives you this choice.   It gives you full control/autonomy over who sees your account balance, transaction details, or history.   You’re the one who decides.   You’re the one with the power.      

Zcash can empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity.    Because whoever controls the options has the power.  

Which one do you want, A or B?  .. or Z?   

I want the option to Pay With Zcash.